How does it work?

Wearing the pedometer given to you, you’ll be able to track your physical activity throughout the working day in your daily steps and log this onto your profile. There are maps of various walking routes and details about physical activity opportunities tailored to your workplace available on the website.

You will be able to login to your very own personalised account on our website where you can earn points and collect rewards (One4All gift card) based on your number of steps. By accessing the website, you can also keep track of your steps taken and access lots of useful hints and tips on leading a healthy lifestyle.

How is my physical activity measured?

Your physical activity is measured via the pedometer given to you for the duration of the study. By wearing the tracking device, you will be able to see the total number of daily steps you take and log this onto your profile.

Your next step?

If you are interested in taking part, and you are an employee of a participating workplace, then your next step is to register with us. Simply click on the Register button. You will be asked to complete some personal information which will be kept completely confidential. This information will help us to find out just how beneficial the scheme is in improving your health..

Our next step?

Our next step will be to test the effects of the PAL Scheme on those who take part. It is important that we understand how the PAL Scheme impacts on you in terms of your physical activity levels, and your health and wellbeing. You’ll be glad to hear we won’t be asking you to complete anymore questionnaires, so it’s just a matter of popping on the pedometer and getting some steps in! :)